Measure - Inspire - Automate

Take your Twitter account to the next level, analyze metrics, inspire from topics and automate your tweets, threads & DMs to grow faster and save time.


Automate Tweets, Threads & DMs

Be consistent with Twitter content across multiple timezones, you can schedule tweets to go live at a specific date and time.

  • Post new tweets, schedule tweets or save as draft for later
  • Automate retweet, reply and quote for a tweet
  • Tweet templates for threads and lists
  • Schedule calendar to edit draft or scheduled tweets
  • Automate DMs - welcome new followers
  • Automate DMs - quick reply to a new direct message

Get Inspired

Birdesk chooses content from Twitter on same topics as your interests, so you can be inspired and produce new content ideas.

  • Discover new content ideas
  • Reply to most engaging tweets
  • Review tweets metrics & inspire from the most appreciated


Measure using analytics data is important for every Twitter account so that you can easily identify the content that is most appreciated by your audience.

  • Measure data in real time
  • Customize charts (area, column, bar, line, etc)
  • Lookup to 28 days period to analyze

Video walkthrough

What better way to show off Birdesk v2 than presenting you the concept and functionality available to users in a video.

Let's connect on Twitter.

Simple pricing

PRO plan
per month
7 days trial
No credit card required
  • Tweets & Threads Scheduler
  • Threads & Lists Templates
  • Automate Tweets & Threads
  • Automate Direct Messages
  • Account & Tweets Analytics
  • Best Time to Tweet Metrics
  • Tweet Inspiration & Lookup

Users opinion

Costanza from the nonprofit @watotocoding @techsavvyteachy

Two reasons why I like Birdesk:

1. There's a button to select emojis and put them in your tweets. Seems trivial, but you need them for those threads right? 😂⬇️👇

2. The analytics dashboard will make you fall in love with numbers, even if you've always hated them! ❤️🔢
The choice of colours makes it easy to understand the key metrics.

These do not only apply to the threads you tweeted using Birdesk but also to the overall performance of your Twitter account.

Motyar @motyar

I tried Birdesk and found it very useful, its helpful to see all important growth numbers at single screen.

The inspiration tool helps a lot when you have nothing to tweet, but you have to, as its important to tweet something to grow your Twitter.

Leitz 💡 the developer @mleitz1

I really like the dashboard/analytics on Birdesk. This is one area that other content schedulers lack.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birdesk.app ?
Birdesk.app is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool that uses the measure - inspire - automate funnel designed to help you grow your Twitter audience.

Who is Birdesk.app for ?
Birdesk.app is for persons and brands looking to build, grow and connect with Twitter audience.

How much does it cost to use Birdesk.app ?
There is a single plan that includes a free 7-day trial, no credit card required, as well as a 30-day refund policy, no questions asked.
The Birdesk PRO plan is only €3.60

Do I need a credit card up front ?
No, you can start your trial without payment method. When you decide to upgrade you will need a credit card to subscribe to the PRO plan.

What if I don’t like it ?
That’s fine, it happens. If you don’t like it, you can very easily cancel at any point in time straight from the app, My Account - manage billing with Stripe, or just send an email to alex@birdesk.app

Have another question ?
Let's connect on Twitter or via e-mail alex@birdesk.app

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