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Frequently asked questions

What is Birdesk, and what does it do?

Birdesk is a powerful tool for Twitter content creators that simplifies tweet scheduling, speeds up tweet and thread creation, allows you to add up to 4 images in a tweet, and provides support for Twitter verified users to create longer tweets.

It's designed to help you unleash your creativity on Twitter and manage your tweets and threads like a pro.

How do I schedule tweets with Birdesk?

Scheduling tweets with Birdesk is easy! Simply create your tweet or thread, choose the date and time you want it to be posted, and Birdesk will automatically publish your content at your specified time, allowing you to plan your Twitter content in advance.

Can I add media to my tweets with Birdesk?

Yes, you can! Birdesk supports the addition of up to 4 images to your tweets, allowing you to enhance your content and engage your audience with visually appealing tweets.

What is the advantage of Birdesk for Twitter verified users?

Twitter verified users can enjoy the benefit of creating longer tweets with Birdesk. It removes the usual character limit restrictions, giving you more space to express your thoughts and ideas.

Is Birdesk suitable for businesses and marketing professionals?

Absolutely! Birdesk is an ideal tool for businesses, marketers, and social media professionals to plan and execute Twitter marketing campaigns, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and engage with their audience effectively.

Is there a free trial or a subscription fee for Birdesk?

Birdesk offers 7 days free trial period for you to explore its features and benefits. After that, you can choose the €5.99 monthly subscription plan to continue using the service.

What payment method do you support?

Payments are managed by Stripe.

On which devices is Birdesk available for use?

Birdesk is designed to be accessible and user-friendly across various devices. You can use Birdesk on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring you have the flexibility to manage your Twitter content and scheduling from wherever you are.

How do you provide support?

E-mail  alex.mano@birdesk.app  or  


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